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Switching to Switch2CheaperCalls Home Saver or Broadband
We all know that Switching services can be as easy or as hard as your existing supplier makes things. Here at Switch2CheaperCalls we are proud say that We do the hard work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. We will contact your existing telecom / broadband provider and request a transfer of your service. We will send you a welcome pack informing you that the transfer is taking place and your right to cancel within ten working days. Your existing supplier will also write to you informing you that you are cancelling your service with them.

2. NO. Your service and phone number will remain the same. Broadband customers wishing to migrate using a MAC code should only experience a down time of approximately 20 minutes during the transfer of service. Switching to Switch2CheaperCalls Home Saver or Switch2CheaperCalls Broadband is easy and safe.

3. Switch2CheaperCalls will invoice you shortly after the transfer has taken place. Your previous supplier will also send you a final bill.

4. You should contact your previous supplier up to the transfer date. After the transfer has completed you should contact Switch2CheaperCalls. Please visit our Contact Us page.

5. You should contact Switch2CheaperCalls. Please visit our Contact Us page.

6. Your phone line remains part of the BT Openreach™ network and BT Openreach™ engineers will repair your fault.

7. This varies greatly depending on the nature of the fault, location and engineering availability in the area. Our commitment time is 72 working hours for standard lines. This is the same timescale as a BT™ customer is offered.

8. Switch2CheaperCalls bill monthly which most of our customers find easier to manage than quarterly bills.

9. The first invoice will include charges for part of the month during which your line transferred to Switch2CheaperCalls and the next month.

10. Yes. You will receive one simple bill every month (via ebilling or paper billing).

11. Switch2CheaperCalls only accepts payment by Direct Debit.

12. Switch2CheaperCalls offers a range of network features than can be added to your phone line and to your mobile phone. Please Contact Us for more information.

13. Yes. Switch2CheaperCalls can install new lines. The cost is £99.99 + vat per line and it takes approximately two weeks. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

14. Please contract Switch2CheaperCalls 1 month before the move and two weeks at the latest to advise us of details of your move. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

15. If you are moving within the area covered by your existing telephone exchange, you should be able to take your existing number. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

16. There are two options should you not be able to retain your number: Caller Redirect is a recorded message prompting people to your new number. This costs £15.00 per month. Remote Call Forwarding is a diversion to your new number. This costs £25 per month and the cost of the diverted calls. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

17. The cost to transfer your number to a new line at your new premises is £99.99 + VAT. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

18. If you are a cable phone customer (with Virgin™ or Telewest™, for example) or if your telephone number has been ‘ceased’, we are unable to transfer your line. We transfer only BT™ landlines. Note that you can have a contract with Talk Talk™, Sky™... and have BT™ landlines. To test if you have a BT™ line please dial 17070 from your phone. If it is a BT™ line, you will have your number read back to you automatically. If you need help, feel free to Contact Us. Nevertheless if your landline is not in Openreach, you can order by phone a new line at 0871 666 4293.

19. “In contract” means that a telecom / broadband provider has activated a telephone line for you and you have agreed to enter into contract with them for a specified duration. If you are not in contract, then we can request to take the line / broadband over which will be hassle free on your behalf. Broadband customers will need to provide a MAC code. If you need help, feel free to Contact Us.
Contact Information

Call 0800 652 6662
Email info@switch2cheapercalls.com

Registered Number 5416917. Registered Office: Elwood House, 42 Lytton Road, Barnet. Hertfordshire. EN5 5BY. Switch2CheaperCalls is a trading name of Switch2Mobile Limited.

1. What happens when I sign up?

2. Will there be any interruption or change to my service?

3. When will I receive my first bill?

4. Who should I contact concerning any service issues?

5. Who should I contact if there is a fault on my line or with my broadband?

6. Who will repair the fault?

7. How long will it take to repair a fault?

8. How often does Switch2CheaperCalls send my bill?

9. Why is my first bill for more than 1 month?

10. Are my bills itemised?

11. How can I pay my invoice?

12. What other services does Switch2CheaperCalls offer?

13. Does Switch2CheaperCalls install new lines?

14. What do I do if I am moving premises?

15. Can I take my existing phone number and broadband with me when I move premises?

16. What are my options if I can’t retain my number?

17. What is the cost?

18. Can Switch2CheaperCalls transfer my line?

19. What happens if I am already in contract with another telecom / broadband provider?
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